Zombie Tactical Survival 101

You have a plan in case a fire breaks out? Or an extra water bottle in the event of an earthquake? O.k so you at least have a first aid kit and a fire alarm at home? If you have those things then why wouldn’t you be prepared for the zombie apocalypse? Be informed and ready. This guide will help you with being on the defensive and offensive in the event of a zombie threat.

No weapon is too big or small.

Gather Arms
In the event of a confirmed zombie outbreak the first thing you need is a weapon. You will need to arm yourself and your family & friends. Zombies are bloodthirsty creatures and they will come after you relentlessly! Consult the ZIC weapons section for suitable weapons.

suitable structures for a zombie outbreak
Suitable structures for surviving Zombie outbreaks should have high walls.

Escape the danger zone.
Try to make your way out of the infected area. The undead can rise from everywhere. In the event of a large scale outbreak or apocalypse society will have broken down so you will need to find a place that is well-supplied to stock up and move on. However remember your fellow survivors will be doing the same thing so expect fighting over resources. Buildings with high walls, fences and perimeters are ideal for bunkering down although you will need to build additional barricades and reinforce entrances. Establish a watch. Also have an escape route planned if your barricades fail and the perimeter is breached.

Prepare your body as well as your mind.

Can you run?
How far and how long can you run? Work on your fitness and strength as life in a zombie apocalypse is likely to cause high levels of fatigue. If its a large outbreak then you may be consistently on the move, possibly for weeks on end. Take up some Krav Maga, Jujitsu or one of the many martial arts available to prepare your body as well as your mind.



Tactical Canned Bacon
Tac Bac. An essential item for your survival kit.



Other Information
Z.I.C recommends the following

  • Stock up before the apocalypse starts. Tactical Canned Bacon aka Tac Bac is available from think geek. Tac Bac can be consumed or used by vegetarians as a temporary distraction for Zombies while you escape.
  • Place information posters in your work and home surroundings in prominent areas with high through traffic. Its likely that panic and confusion will occur so simple instructions will assist.

    Zombie Attack Poster
    Place Zombie Information Posters in high traffic areas in your home and workplace.


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