Zombie Medical Information 101

A zombie is commonly defined as a dead person with the semblance of life although generally mute and unpleasant. Zombies are sometimes referred to as the undead, the living dead or the walking dead. The following document provides information on signs and symptoms of Zombie Infection and the possible origins and causes.

Signs and symptoms of Zombie Infection

1. Uncontrolled jerky body movements & slow movement.
2. Loss of language replaced by grunts & annoying moaning.
3. Unidentified abnormally large bite marks & missing bits of flesh.
4. White, dead and foggy eyes with unblinking gaze.
5. Blood dripping from the mouth & down the front of the clothes.
6. Carrying or nomming on half eaten body parts such as detached arms and legs.
7. Body odor of rotted flesh & general unpleasant meaty smell.
8. Constantly trying to grab & bite other organic creatures.

Warning: A person exhibiting all of the above has reached a chronic irreversible infection and should be avoided. Consult the Zombie weapons page for more information on terminating and managing a zombie.

Stages of Infection
Symptoms of initial infection include headache, fever, chills and other flu-like symptoms progressing to physiological changes such as slow pulse and shallow breathing and eventually coma. Zombies awaken from their comas in a catatonic state, however it should be noted that the coma phase may be bypassed leading directly to catatonia. Zombies are driven by an insatiable and primal hunger to eat flesh.

Possible Causes of Zombie Infections

Green is for anti-virus, blue means virus. Avoid exposure to the blue one.

The Tyrant Virus (T-Virus) was the breakthrough for Umbrella Pharmaceutical a bioengineering pharmaceutical company specializing medical hardware, defense, and computers along with more clandestine operations utilizing genetic engineering and accused viral weaponry. The T Virus was created for use in the development of ‘Human biological weapons’ or Zombies. A victim’s genes are mutated to produce a ‘Fighting biological weapon’. Up to 90% of the world’s human population could be infected by the virus and turn to zombies. There is a known anti-virus.


Angry Puffer Fish
The angry puffer fish is the 2nd most toxic vertebrate in the world & also a delicacy in Japan.

Voodoo legends speak of a mind-altering chemical that could be used to control the mind of a person, turning them into a zombie. One of the results of this chemical, found in puffer fish, is the appearance of being dead.

In his book Magic Island, William B. Seabrook’s recounts his experiences on Haiti with the walking dead. He described the first ‘zombie’ he came across:

    “The eyes were the worst. It was not my imagination. They were in truth like the eyes of a dead man, not blind, but staring, unfocused, unseeing. The whole face, for that matter, was bad enough. It was vacant, as if there was nothing behind it. It seemed not only expressionless, but incapable of expression.”

Haitian zombies are believed to have once been normal people who underwent “zombification” by a voodoo sorcerer. The victim then died and became a mindless automaton, incapable of remembering the past and doomed to a life of miserable servitude under the will of the zombie master.

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