Zombie Intel 101

Zombies Definition.
The simplest definition of a zombie is a reanimated person or animal. The living dead.


The Zombie Information Center provides update news & information on everything related to Zombies.

Browse the wealth of knowledge contained in the categories.

Friends: People that like us and give us stuff so that one day when needed we will have their back in a Zombie Apocalypse.

Medical: Signs & symptoms of infection, causes and cures.

News: Collection of all incoming news to the center.

Polls: Our recon with the audience to find out what you think.

Tactical: Survival strategies for Zombie attacks

Video of the Week: Zombie related video files updated weekly.

Watchlist: List of zombie suspects or groups and agencies believed to be affiliated with zombies or zombie sympathizers.

Weapons: Pros and cons of weapons and weapon related information for items that can be used against Zombies.



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