Vampires vs. Zombies

Play Vampires vs. Zombies

Who would win? Pit vampire forces against a zombie invasion in Vampires vs. Zombies, a zany time management adventure from the publisher of Farm Frenzy. Drooling zombies descend on Transylvania in the hopes of munching on vampire brains, you must rally the forces of darkness to create the weapons [Read more...]
Ka-Bar "Zomstro" Zombie Chopper

Ka-Bar “Zomstro” Zombie Chopper

From ThinkGeek: “When the world has come and gone, the zombies have swept the earth and we’re left with nothing more than wasteland, the few that survive will write the history books. Needless to say the history books will be short, bound with bloody t-shirts and written on the useless [Read more...]
US Marine Corps NCO Saber 34-Inch Military Sword

US Marine Corps NCO Saber 34-Inch Military Sword

This excellent United States Marine Corps NCO Saber Military Sword measures 34-inches long, and boasts an incredible amount of intricacy and detail. The sword comes with a scabbard, and each boast beautifully elaborate etchings in the steel according to exacting production specifications by the [Read more...]

Zombie Tatts

Look super gross with these zombie tattoos and you will not only look the part of a zombie, but you will gross out all who encounter your [Read more...]
The Walking Dead Comic Series 4 Action Figure Set

The Walking Dead Comic Series 4 Action Figure Set

Based off the Image Comics version of The Walking Dead comes this Walking Dead Comic Series 4 Action Figure Set! Featuring a wide array of accessories, each 5-inch figure is incredibly well detailed and looks like it came directly out of the comic book. Series 4 features Abraham Ford, Carl Grimes, [Read more...]

Zombie Solitaire

Play your cards right with the Zombie Solitaire game and you just might escape the zombie apocalypse. The scenario: It’s been two weeks since an infected tofu burger transformed some poor soul from a gentle vegetarian into a brain-devouring zombie. One thing led to another and now the undead have [Read more...]

The Walking Dead: Michonne’s Katana.

Get your own signature edition, prop replica version of Michonne’s sword, complete with display stand and engraved signature in case you don’t need to wield it yourself. This officially-licensed AMC’s The Walking Dead Collectible Blade features an engraved [Read more...]
Zombie Road Trip Board Game

Zombie Road Trip Board Game

The zombie apocalypse has happened – how will you survive? This Zombie Road Trip Game is an epic game of fun and strategy. Travel through the Wasteland killing Zombies in search of a cure – you are humanity’s last hope. Will you survive to find the cure? Age: 12+ Number of [Read more...]
Zombie Horse Glow-in-the-Dark Mask

Zombie Horse Glow-in-the-Dark Mask

If human zombies start roaming the earth, surely the creepy horse people will as well. This latex Zombie Horse Glow-in-the-Dark Mask will have you looking like a combo horse human that dragged itself out of the glue factory in search of brains. In fact, it could be a prop from a show called The [Read more...]
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