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Zombie XMAS Gifts

Fundraising to pay our next lot of web hosting, the Zombie Information Center has XMAS gifts now online at our zazzle store: Get in now to send your XMAS gifts and wish your friends and family a biohazard free xmas.

Zombie Experiment NYC

Zombies spotted in New York City! Captured on video and featured in our video of the week section.

For sale Zombie Survival Kit. Only $24,000


The Zombie Extermination Research and Operations (Z.E.R.O) kit by Optics Plan provides an extensive collection of items to fight back when the undead hordes rise from their shallow graves to wreak havoc on the world as we know it. The kit includes a bunch of weapons accessories, a couple of knives, carry bags and cases, […]

Tips from the British Columbia Emergency Information Center


May is the month of Zombie awareness and the British Columbia Emergency Information Center is publishing great video tips for zombie preparedness. If you’re ready for a zombie attack you can be ready for any disaster!

Zombies invade Boston Financial District

Hundreds of zombies descended on Boston for the 8th annual zombie parade.The shambling began at 3:30 p.m. on May 19 at South Station and continued through the afternoon, with an after-party for zombies and survivors 18 and up at the local sports bar.

It’s never quiet on the Zombie Front.

There’s been plenty of action with reports coming in from around the world with everything from library, campus and pub invasions. We’ve gathered a collection of snippets of news from around the world. If you’re in Chicago USA this weekend look out for the ZombieFest 2012.  Stay vigilant.

A Very Zombie Holiday Instructional Video


From Team Unicorn and with over 1 million views, this highly popular instructional video ensures a happy home during a zombie-infested holiday season.

Ireland: Volunteers required for Zombie Walk


Volunteers are being sought to take part in a charity-driven zombie walk in Dublin, Ireland. It is hoped that around 3,000 zombies will participate in the walk on July 23, to highlight the work of the Irish Cancer Society and the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.