Zombie preparation

Ka-Bar "Zomstro" Zombie Chopper

Ka-Bar “Zomstro” Zombie Chopper

From ThinkGeek: “When the world has come and gone, the zombies have swept the earth and we’re left with nothing more than wasteland, the few that survive will write the history books. Needless to say the history books will be short, bound with bloody t-shirts and written on the useless [Read more...]

Survival Kit in a Sardine Can

A Zombie Information Center favorite; The Survival Kit in a Sardine Can. Its a compact, water proof easy to carry emergency kit with 25 survival items for $12.99 The kit includes one of each of the following items: non-aspirin pain reliever adhesive bandage alcohol prep pad antibiotic ointment book [Read more...]
M48 Apocalypse Series

The M48 Apocalypse Series

The M48 Apocalypse Series, Zombie defense tools for the end times. Also great for non-zombie adventures. Choose from: Tomahawk, Karambit, Shovel, or the complete set. M48 Apocalypse Tactical Tomahawk or M48 ATT has a massive slash for decapitating walkers. The M48 Apocalypse Karambit is a small but [Read more...]
Zombie Bride Costume

Zombie Cosplay

Zombie Waitress Costume Rise from the dead in this Zombie Waitress Costume, complete with a dress, apron and headband. This classic waitress ensemble mixed with blood and guts will have eyes popping out of sockets. V-neck style makes you look like one sexy zombie. Skeleton Zombie Teen Costume [Read more...]
Nerf Cross Fire Bow

Zombie Strike Crossfire Nerf Bow

The zombies are coming and your only hope is the Nerf Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow. Sure, you could have burned that pile of corpses before they rose from the dead and attacked, but it’s too late for that now. Load your specially crafted Zombie Strike darts and hold back the tears as you fire [Read more...]
Nerf Blaster

Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot Blaster

When the zombies strike, you’ll be prepped to double-tap them with the Zombie Strike Hammershot blaster. Quick-draw this 5-dart blaster and pull back the hammer to start firing Zombie Strike darts at your target. Reload fast, check for zombies and blast one-handed at them with the Hammershot [Read more...]

Zombie enthusiasts plan to ‘attack’ Leicester UK.

London UK: A week after Leicester city council admitted it was unprepared for a Zombie apocalypse, Zombie enthusiasts are planning to “attack” Leicester. James Dixon, 26, had the idea after a “concerned citizen” used a Freedom of Information request to ask how the council [Read more...]