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Zombie Experiment NYC

Zombies spotted in New York City! Captured on video and featured in our video of the week section.

World War Z release date around mid 2013


World War Z by Max Brooks, is a collection of individual accounts from zombie apocalypse survivors. World War Z was inspired by The Good War, an oral history of World War II. Brooks plays the part of an operative of the United Nations Post War Commission compiling the personal accounts for his official report. The […]

CDC not sure on Zombie Virus


In an email to the Huffington Post today an agency spokesman from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has stated that the CDC¬† “…does not know of a virus or condition that would reanimate the dead (or one that would present zombie-like symptoms).” This follows after some horrific news stories in the last week including […]

Emergency Information from Brittish Columbia: Zombie Preparedness Week


The Emergency Information website for British Columbia has published a top five list of tips for surviving a zombie apocalypse. In the coming week the site will continue to publish zombie preparedness tips. General facts and advice are on offer, relevant to not only zombie attacks, but other types of events like Earthquakes or floods. […]

Zombie Road Sign Warnings in Canada.


More Zombie road sign warnings are appearing this time in Canada. St John’s commuters were confronted with signs that were meant to advise motorists of construction that started Monday on Portugal Cove Road. Instead they had been programmed with other messages including “Expect apocalyptic doom!” Workers later arrived to turn off and remove the signs.

Zombie Heroes & Heroines

1. Alice  from Resident evil awakens in an empty mansion with amnesia and is seized by a group of commandos.