July Zombie News

So I can’t believe it’s more than half way through the year 2012 already. We’re still here as yet to see a full scale zombie pandemic but there is enough going on to keep us ever vigilant in our zombie news collection. Highlights for July include the release of the DVD Zombies: A Living History, if you thought zombies were a recent invention, then you’re dead wrong. The DVD traces the history from the ancient Epic novel of Gilgamesh, mankind’s oldest literature right up until Max Brooks and his work World War Z. The DVD is available through amazon.com.

For Walking Dead fans this week see’s the release of the Walking Dead game to ‘i-devices’. The game is available from the iOS App Store for $4.99 and is compatible with the iPhone and iPad.

Conquest Pictures presents the ultimate Zombie Pinup calendar to get you through 2013 unscathed! This new Kickstarter project has of today has 36 days left to raise the funds to shoot, edit, and print the Zombie pinup calendar for the year 2013.

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