Improvised Zombie Weaponry in an Emergency

Your local garden and hardware store provide an excellent selection of functional household items that double as ready made anti zombie weapons in the event of an emergency. We provide a list of potentials. There’s a good chance that you already own some of them!

Think outside of the box! The mowercyle.

  • A lawnmower can clear lines of zombies provided the blades have been kept clean and rust free.

  • The shovel. There’s a good chance that you will have one of these lying around unless you live in an apartment in which case you wouldn’t need one. Due to their longer handle shovels keep you a good distance from a zombie and they can also double as a shield or spear. Like most melee weapons they do suffer from requiring lots of energy to use. Keep some handy energy snacks on you.

  • Branch trimmers & scythes take out zombies in a single good shot. Disadvantages are that continued wielding may lead to fatigue.

  • Potted plants and garden chairs may be thrown at zombies They may not stop or render a zombie helpless however they will buy some get away time.

  • Mallets and hammers can be used however you will need to be quick as the short length of hammers bring you into grabbing reach.

Learn to think outside of the box. You may find yourself in a situation, trapped with a selection of items around you and having to improvise.



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