Wyrmwood:Road of the Dead

Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead

A new Aussie zombie film Wyrmwood:Road of the Dead is hitting Australian cinemas. Barry, is a mechanic and family man. His life is torn apart by a zombie apocalypse. His sister, Brooke, is kidnapped by a sinister team of gas-mask wearing soldiers and experimented on by a psycho doctor. The film [Read more...]

New Zombie Movie: Inherit the Earth

A new zombie movie, Inherit the Earth, is currently in pre-production as reported by Variety. The movie is based on the IDW Publishing comic book “Zombies vs. Robots” by Chris Ryall and Ashley Wood, Andrew Adamson director of Shrek and Chronicles of Narnia is set to direct the film. [Read more...]

Zombie Pride and Prejudice

According to IMDB’s currently in production titles, Zombie Pride and Prejudice is in the making. Based on the original Jane Austen novel with an added challenge of zombies to face the protagonists. The cast list includes Lena Headey, Lily James and Matt Smith in staring [Read more...]

Amazon Zombies

If you had the power to place a curse on someone would you? Watch the documentary Amazon Zombies on good and bad witch doctors. The good ones can work to lift curses, channel ancient spirits and keep you safe from zombies. The bad ones can keep people apart, keep people fighting or to turn them [Read more...]

World War Z release date around mid 2013

World War Z by Max Brooks, is a collection of individual accounts from zombie apocalypse survivors. World War Z was inspired by The Good War, an oral history of World War II. Brooks plays the part of an operative of the United Nations Post War Commission compiling the personal accounts for his [Read more...]

We Are What We Eat.

We are what we eat is the debut film by 16 year old Londener Sam Toller. The media student says he was inspired by hordes of school children on Monday mornings. He wrote the short film script and story-boarded the shots which are available to view on the official site. Shooting took place over two [Read more...]

Zombie Dawn, zombie horror from South America.

15 years after a zombie epidemic, society and Government are in tattered remains. A group of mercenaries and investigative scientists go to ground zero, the quarantine zone to find the answers on how it began. The independent Spanish language zombie film was written and directed by David A. [Read more...]

Dead Shed – The biggest latest awesome zombie thing.

Every now and then a message will land in our inbox and change our day or rock our foundations and change our lives. Dead Shed promises to be one of the most thrilling epic adventures to ever hit the screen or the web. The Dead Shed trailer joins our list of Videos of the week. Watch the [Read more...]

Resident Evil 5: Retribution Update

Principal photography is set to complete this December for Resident Evil Retribution. The fifth film is the second in the series to be shot in 3D. Milla Jovavich continues her battle with Umbrella Corporation as the character [Read more...]
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