Video of the Week

Science says Yes to Zombies

In depth scientific analysis demonstrates that Zombies could actually exist. Watch this extraordinary video that will send chills up your spine.

Zombie Attack

A top video this week is from artists John Sanders and Sketch titled Zombie Attack. Awesome melody and story telling. Check it out “Coz there’s a zombie attack at midnight and we’re all going to die…”

Zombie Experiment NYC

Zombies spotted in New York City! Captured on video and featured in our video of the week section.

Amazon Zombies

If you had the power to place a curse on someone would you? Watch the documentary Amazon Zombies on good and bad witch doctors. The good ones can work to lift curses, channel ancient spirits and keep you safe from zombies. The bad ones can keep people apart, keep people fighting or to turn them […]

Tips from the British Columbia Emergency Information Center


May is the month of Zombie awareness and the British Columbia Emergency Information Center is publishing great video tips for zombie preparedness. If you’re ready for a zombie attack you can be ready for any disaster!

We Are What We Eat.

We are what we eat is the debut film by 16 year old Londener Sam Toller. The media student says he was inspired by hordes of school children on Monday mornings. He wrote the short film script and story-boarded the shots which are available to view on the official site. Shooting took place over two […]

Dead Shed – The biggest latest awesome zombie thing.

Every now and then a message will land in our inbox and change our day or rock our foundations and change our lives. Dead Shed promises to be one of the most thrilling epic adventures to ever hit the screen or the web. The Dead Shed trailer joins our list of Videos of the week. […]

Pugs Attacked by a Zombie

Brilliant cutting edge thriller of a zombie that attacks two unsuspecting pugs. Where’s the double like button.

And Action! On the set of World War Z

World War Z comes to theaters December 21st, 2012. The film is directed by Marc Forster and stars Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos and Anthony Mackie. Watch the action on set.

Zombie Information Film

Academy award winning performances in this Zombie Information Film. Set in the U.K this film warns of going out past an 8p.m curfew in times of Zombie Infestations.