July Zombie News


So I can’t believe it’s more than half way through the year 2012 already. We’re still here as yet to see a full scale zombie pandemic but there is enough going on to keep us ever vigilant in our zombie news collection. Highlights for July include the release of the DVD Zombies: A Living History, […]

The week so far in zombie news…

Atlanta, Georgia USA: Opening this September is the Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse theme park. The park will provide visitors an immersive and horrifying experience into surviving a zombie apocalypse. Covering 100,000 square feet of terror, visitors must flee from the undead trying to eat their brains.

More macabre news from Zombie state Florida

The Global Grind (the world according to hip pop), and Tampa Bay Online are reporting more gory news from the #zombie state of Florida where a teacher has been accused of telling students to cut themselves in a ritual to rid themselves of “evil”. The director of the learning center where the 35 year old […]

Tips from the British Columbia Emergency Information Center


May is the month of Zombie awareness and the British Columbia Emergency Information Center is publishing great video tips for zombie preparedness. If you’re ready for a zombie attack you can be ready for any disaster!

It’s never quiet on the Zombie Front.

There’s been plenty of action with reports coming in from around the world with everything from library, campus and pub invasions. We’ve gathered a collection of snippets of news from around the world. If you’re in Chicago USA this weekend look out for the ZombieFest 2012.  Stay vigilant.

Police intervene and extra screenings added for Juan of the Dead

The Cuban horror zombie film Juan of the Dead launched this week at an officially sanctioned Cuban Film Festival. The film is Cuba’s first zombie film and most expensive production to date.

Mexico Zombie Walk 2011

Nearly 1000 people attended the July 2011 annual Zombie Walk in in the city of Queretaro, Mexico. Hot off the press photos and coverage from Xinhua News Agency.

World War Z In Production


This week in Malta: Fans watched the first glimpses of Brad Pitt and the living dead on the set of World War Z, a zombie film based on the best-selling book by Max Brook. Brad Pitt plays the part of the real life author collecting stories from survivors of the zombie apocalypse known as World […]

Zombies Needed for Friday Shoot Out at Catholic High School


Wango Films is looking for a few extras to play zombies this Friday night, for their upcoming 3D comedy horror, Dead before Dawn. Interested readers are asked to show up to Saint Paul Catholic High School at 3834 Windermere Rd. Niagara Falls at 8 p.m. on the 8th of July.

Zombie Road Sign Warnings in Canada.


More Zombie road sign warnings are appearing this time in Canada. St John’s commuters were confronted with signs that were meant to advise motorists of construction that started Monday on Portugal Cove Road. Instead they had been programmed with other messages including “Expect apocalyptic doom!” Workers later arrived to turn off and remove the signs.