False Alarm in Lanarkshire

Reports from Lanarkshire, Scotland of patients exhibiting ‘zombie like’ behaviour and terrorising locals turned out to be a false alarm.  The zombie incident was organised by a theme park M&D’s to promote a new zombie event running from Oct 3rd to Nov 2nd 2014. More [Read more...]
Warning Zombies in Australia

The Virus is Spreading. Test your Zombie Survival Skills.

Could you survive a zombie apocalypse? Start training now for the 2013 Zombie Escape Survival Challenges set to run across states in Australia in 2013. The challenge is to protect your brains over a 5km obstacle course in a mixed urban, inside and outside field course. Register as a runner, a [Read more...]
Zombies in Washington DC.

Zombies attempt to take Washington.

Police in Washington U.S.A denied blood-splattered zombies access to the White House without the proper permits. The Washington Post reports that the zombies were protesting against 14 million subscribers on the Dish network who were unable to access the Walking Dead TV series season [Read more...]

Thousands of undead gather for zombie walk.

Winnipeg U.S.A. Thousands of the city’s undead gathered early Saturday evening for Winnipeg’s annual zombie walk and World Zombie Day. City police were on hand to ensure zombie walkers kept out of traffic. The walk comes a day before the premiere of The Walking Dead, season three, an [Read more...]

Last Family On Earth: Auditions for a new TV reality show.

SPIKE TV and Pilgrim Studios are offering the opportunity to compete on their new show “Last Family on Earth.” You and a handful of lucky people will compete in a series of  challenges  to see if you have the skills and determination to be one of the last people on earth. Contestants [Read more...]
Zynga HQ

Zombies Descend on NYC and San Francisco!

A group of socially responsible zombies descended on New York and San Francisco donating blood pops to passersby. The zombies were unleashed by Zynga games to promote the upcoming games ZombieSwipeout and the already available ZombieSmash! Zynga promised that there was no actual blood in the [Read more...]

Zombie Virus Outbreak Massachusetts USA

Over 10,000 people took part in the Run For Your Lives Zombie obstacle race in Massachusetts, USA. The 5K obstacle race featured man-made and natural obstacles along with throngs of zombies. Participants in the event were chased by zombies who were trying to catch them by stealing flags from their [Read more...]

Zombies Invade Prague

Several 100 undead showed up for Prague’s fifth annual Zombie Walk in the Czech Republic. Participants coated their bodies with fake blood made from a recipe of flour, lemon and salt while others sported false teeth or fake eyes and at least one woman stuck a needle through her [Read more...]
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