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Zombie Road Sign Warnings in Canada.


More Zombie road sign warnings are appearing this time in Canada. St John’s commuters were confronted with signs that were meant to advise motorists of construction that started Monday on Portugal Cove Road. Instead they had been programmed with other messages including “Expect apocalyptic doom!” Workers later arrived to turn off and remove the signs.

Red,White & Dead Zombie Walk 2011


2nd July 2011, Seattle: The Red, White and Dead Zombie Walk is the all-ages experience of one of the biggest displays of Zombie costumes and make-up events that’s actually celebrating Zombies. Over 7,000 people attended last years Zombie Walk which has garnered two Guinness World Records for the “Largest Zombie Walk on the Planet.” The […]

Employment in the Zombie Apocalypse Age: Working as a Zombie Wrangler


You thought your job was bad but imagine being a zombie wrangler, spending your nights and days rounding up and wrangling the undead. This informative video, the Zombie Wrangler Blues from the Zombie Factor highlights some of the issues surrounding employment in the zombie apocalypse era.

Bona Fide Zombie Warning Or Another Hack?


Electronic highway signs on the interstate in Cincinnati USA are reported to be warning  of  Nightly lane closures due to zombies. A local transport authority spokesperson said this was due to a hack and not zombies. Local police have also confirmed that no zombies have been reported in the area to “put everyone’s brain at […]

Zombie enthusiasts plan to ‘attack’ Leicester UK.


London UK: A week after Leicester city council admitted it was unprepared for a Zombie apocalypse, Zombie enthusiasts are planning to “attack” Leicester. James Dixon, 26, had the idea after a “concerned citizen” used a Freedom of Information request to ask how the council would respond to a zombie apocalypse.

Teens invited to library to prepare for Zombie Apocalypse.


Teens in Hastings, Minnesota  are invited to the Pleasant Hill Library for a few exciting events this month. On Monday, June 20, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., the library will host a workshop on surviving a zombie apocalypse. This program is taught by two Minnesota authors of a survival guide, Bud Hanzel and John […]

A Very Zombie Holiday Instructional Video


From Team Unicorn and with over 1 million views, this highly popular instructional video ensures a happy home during a zombie-infested holiday season.

Star Trek Pizza Cutter


This has absolutely nothing to do with Zombies but we couldn’t help sharing for its “geekiness.” Its the Star Trek pizza cutter from Think Geek. The cutter has a stainless steel blade with a solid zinc-alloy chromium plated body. Show off your metal pizza cutter, a replica of the famous NCC-1701 Enterprise ship from the […]

Ireland: Volunteers required for Zombie Walk


Volunteers are being sought to take part in a charity-driven zombie walk in Dublin, Ireland. It is hoped that around 3,000 zombies will participate in the walk on July 23, to highlight the work of the Irish Cancer Society and the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

Council Admits No Plan for Zombie Attack


The Telegraph Newspaper has reported that Leicester City Council in the United Kingdom has no plan in place for a zombie attack. A concerned resident via the Freedom of Information Act, requested information of council survival plans in the event of a zombie invasion.