Improvised Zombie Weaponry in an Emergency

Your local garden and hardware store provide an excellent selection of functional household items that double as ready made anti zombie weapons in the event of an emergency. We provide a list of potentials. There’s a good chance that you already own some of [Read more...]

Zombie Tactical Survival 101

Strategies. You have a plan in case a fire breaks out? Or an extra water bottle in the event of an earthquake? O.k so you at least have a first aid kit and a fire alarm at home? If you have those things then why wouldn’t you be prepared for the zombie apocalypse? Be informed and ready. This [Read more...]

Zombie Weapons 101

“Kill the brain, and you kill the ghoul”. Choosing the right weapon for an Apocalypse How to Kill a Zombie. Zombies are extremely difficult to kill especially as they are already considered dead. The brain must be destroyed. This can be achieved through a variety of methods such as [Read more...]

About Z.I.C

Welcome to the Zombie Information Center (ZIC). ZIC provides information to the public on Zombies and preparation in the possible event of a Zombie [Read more...]