Drunk Zombie Poses as Santa Clause.

News in from Minneapolis, USA. A drunk zombie was arrested after entering a home that was not his and scaring two teenagers. The two teens locked themselves in a bathroom until police arrived to find the zombie santa passed out. Apparently the drunk zombie santa attended a zombie pub crawl and was later dropped off by taxi at the wrong house. He is now concerned that the publicity will effect his chances of employment after he graduates next year.

The full story is available on myFox News, Detroit.

False Alarm in Lanarkshire


Reports from Lanarkshire, Scotland of patients exhibiting ‘zombie like’ behaviour and terrorising locals turned out to be a false alarm.  The zombie incident was organised by a theme park M&D’s to promote a new zombie event running from Oct 3rd to Nov 2nd 2014. More information can be found at M&D’s website.

The streets of Glasgow, Manchester, Newcastle invaded by zombies!

Understand that at every moment you are being hunted; by zombies, by police, by vigilantes. Starting from a secret border location, you are issued with a map and the address of the first location you must reach, somewhere in your quarantined city. Each location will immerse you further into the world of 2.8, where being bitten by a zombie doesn’t just mean infection, it could mean quarantine.

CONOP 8888 USA Zombie Defense Plan

US Zombie Defense Plan

A military document obtained by Foreign Policy Magazines confirms that the US Defense Department really has a zombie survival plan. The document CONOP 8888 otherwise known as Counter-Zombie Dominance is designed to “…establish and maintain a vigilant defensive condition aimed at protecting humankind from zombies…”

Zombie Center to get face lift.

The Zombie Information Center is busy building a new look for the site. We’re not sure of the launch date just yet however and we are still brain storming all of the things we would like to include and throw away. We won’t say much except that a zombie game is coming and some zombie merchandise. In the interim we would love to know what you like about the site, what you don’t like or any comments you may have. Please send us  your suggestions or comments by tweeting us @zombiecenter.


Zombies On Pinterest!

News Flash: Zombie Information Center is now on Pinterest. Ever vigilant in providing survival tips and preparedness we’re excited that Pinterest provides the opportunity to communicate without having to use too many words. So we’ve started filling up our Zombie Pinboard with a bunch of handy pics.

Drop by Pinterest and find some nifty zombie photo albums on Zombie Cooking, Zombie Shelter Architecture  and general tips. The URL is http://pinterest.com/zombiecenter/

The Virus is Spreading. Test your Zombie Survival Skills.

Warning Zombies in Australia

Could you survive a zombie apocalypse? Start training now for the 2013 Zombie Escape Survival Challenges set to run across states in Australia in 2013. The challenge is to protect your brains over a 5km obstacle course in a mixed urban, inside and outside field course. Register as a runner, a zombie or a spectator.

Zombies spotted in Athens.

A horde of Zombies descended on Athens, Georgia (USA), as part of a hunger drive to collect non-perishable food items as part of an overall community effort to alleviate poverty.
Source: Athens Online.

Science says Yes to Zombies

In depth scientific analysis demonstrates that Zombies could actually exist. Watch this extraordinary video that will send chills up your spine.

Zombies Down Under

Thousands of zombies lurched through the city of Brisbane, Australia in the annual Zombie Walk to raise money for the Brain Foundation. The walk was expected to raise more than $20,000 for the Brain Foundation.

More zombies will gather again on Sunday November 4th in Newcastle at the Town’s Museum at 2pm. The zombies will make their way to Tower Cinemas in King Street for Scream Screen, the annual zombie based film competition. If you would like to join the horde and march with the undead, visit http://undeadsociety.org for more information.