Ebola not spread by Zombies

A UK Minister, Minister Desmond Swayne, has spoken in Parliament confirming that Ebola is not spread by zombies. In response to concerns expressed by a constituent who had written to the Minister believing that Ebola was being spread by zombies, Swayne confirmed that while zombies are not responsible for the spread of Ebola, the irony is that people are most infective when they’re dead and that a contributing factor to the spread were burial rituals.

Do Zombies Dream of Undead Sheep?

Do Zombies Dream of Undead Sheep

The Zombie Information Center is very excited to see the release of a new book to hit the shelves in time for XMAS, Do Zombies Dream of Undead Sheep? Neuroscientists and zombie enthusiasts Timothy Verstynen and Bradley Voytek apply their neuro-know-how to unravel the mysteries of the zombie brain with current knowledge of how the brain works.

Zombie weapons on Pinterest

Zombie Weapons Pram

Did you know the Zombie Information Center has an extensive Zombie Weapons board on Pinterest and a Zombie Weapons Category on this site?

Everything from cross bows to Mobile Armoured Tactical Platforms. There’s something for everyone from mums with tactical strollers to sentry weapons for those settled in for the long haul of a Z apocalypse.

Plants Vs Zombies in Lego

How great is this? Found on Youtube Plants Vs Zombies Vs Lego.

Zombie vs Plants Beach World Tips

plants vs zombies 2 beach world

If you’ve started playing or have already played through the latest release Zombies vs Plants 2 Its about time, Beach World, you’ll find it is tough! Here are just a few tips we’ve put together to assist.

Zombies outsell vampires…again.

According to a recent article in Forbes magazine, zombies have been outselling vampires in terms of merchandise since 2012. Sales of zombie merchandise for Halloween 2014 were up 125%.

Jumping on the bandwagon, the Zombie Information Center is fundraising to pay its next lot of web hosting fees with some nifty merchandise at our shop:  http://shop.zombieinformationcenter.com/

See the full article on Forbes.


Zombies have invaded Ramsey St.

The iconic Australian TV soap show Neighbours has been invaded by zombies! Screened over a 5 part Halloween series on YouTube, its all action from the word go as the fictitious Melbourne Suburb of Erinsborough is attacked by zombies.

Neighbours is one of Australia’s most successful exports. The show follows the domestic and professional lives of the people and has been on the air since 1985. The Zombie series features the usual cast of characters.

Here’s the first episode!

Zombie Pride and Prejudice

According to IMDB’s currently in production titles, Zombie Pride and Prejudice is in the making. Based on the original Jane Austen novel with an added challenge of zombies to face the protagonists.

The cast list includes Lena Headey, Lily James and Matt Smith in staring roles.

Zombie XMAS Gifts

Fundraising to pay our next lot of web hosting, the Zombie Information Center has XMAS gifts now online at our zazzle store: http://www.zazzle.com/zombiegoods. Get in now to send your XMAS gifts and wish your friends and family a biohazard free xmas.

Drunk Zombie Poses as Santa Clause.

News in from Minneapolis, USA. A drunk zombie was arrested after entering a home that was not his and scaring two teenagers. The two teens locked themselves in a bathroom until police arrived to find the zombie santa passed out. Apparently the drunk zombie santa attended a zombie pub crawl and was later dropped off by taxi at the wrong house. He is now concerned that the publicity will effect his chances of employment after he graduates next year.

The full story is available on myFox News, Detroit.